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About Us

Cheezy Pizza

Our Specialties

Vegan Pizza ~ Vegan Jalapeno Poppers ~ Vegan Ranch ~ Vegan Alfredo Sauce


A Brief History of Vegan Korner (formerly Cheezy Pizza)

Cheezy Pizza was established in 2009. We changed our name to Vegan Korner in 2015. I'll keep it simple, we love making vegan pizza and other vegan dishes. We started out with a request to make vegan pizza, so we did just that. Now we have a full Vegan Menu and we plan on expanding it even more. For those of you that have not tried us out yet .... Well get moving because your missing out. See all of you soon. Thank You. ~Vegan Korner~


Reviews from some of our customers:

"Cheezy Pizza has the best vegan pizza you'll ever eat! I am in love with their cheesy bread sticks with marinara and a side of their homemade vegan ranch dressing. Their pepperoni vegan pizzas are amazingly delicious..." - Anna V.

"This incredible for vegans!" - Sharyn W.

"Vegan pizza-lovers rejoice! If you've lamented the lack of hearty plant-based pizza options in the Inland Empire then Cheezy Pizza is nothing short of a miracle." - Jeshanah C.